Gifu Daiichi High School

Gifu Daiichi High School


General Department

  • College Course
  • Ippan Course
  • Sports Course

Technical Department

  • Jidosya Engineering Course
  • Seisan System Course

An outline of our school

Gifu Daiichi High School has been a boys' school in Gifu Prefecture, which belongs to Shohsui Gakuen Group, a school corporation, but in 2016, it reorganized as a coeducational school. In addition to Gifu Daiichi High, we have Gifu Girl's High and Shiga Bunkyo Junior College. Our school was established in 1958, and we celebrated the 50th anniversary of foundation in 2006.


We have great buildings which are furnished air-conditioners; therefore, we provide students with the best environments and the latest facilities to study and train for students.

  • Technical Center for computer education
  • Auto training Center
  • Machining Center
  • Baseball Field
  • Athletic Field

Features of Five Courses for developing your character!!

General Department / College Course
Going on to Famous Universities

In this course, we provide students with high-quality educational guidance in order to enter public universities or high-level private universities. We offer seven classes a day and extra class after school to help students acquire a good educational foundation. We offer small classes of no more than 20 students per class in order to understand level of individual level of understanding and attainment level and give careful instructions.

General Department / General Course
Improving the basic achievement and Realizing various ways

The aim of this course is to help students acquire a broad range of general knowledge and comprehensive ability needed in society.

General Department / Sports Course
Going for the Championship

Students learn sports such as theory of physical education, athletics and technical sports scientifically. This course helps students become national-level athletes balanced between knowledge and skills. They learn baseball,bicycle or volleyball and so on. In a club, they train to win at national competitions.

Technical Department/ Car Engineering Course
To Become Best Engineer of 21st Century

This course is for students who like cars. They must be immersed in it. It is help students understand the fundamental performance, "Run/Turn/Stop". The students learn practical knowledge and technique through the class that the students learn how to dismantle and build an engine and how to start it with real cars.

Technical Department / Electronic Machining Course
To Master the Information Technology and Computer Programming

Electronic Machining Course provides students with a wide range of engineering knowledge and skill : computer, electricity, electron and machine. It helps students acquire knowledge and skill such as basic and programming that are needed as an engineer. We provide the latest machines such as machining center and CAD each.

Club Activities

We provide students with many sports and activities to spend more active a life of school. It guarantees that students spend a cheerful life of school by taking part in these sports and activities, because they can get achievements and inspiration with their friends.

  • Baseball
  • volleyball
  • Cycling
  • Skiing
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis with soft bal
  • Basketball
  • Brass band
  • Arts (Calligraphy, Fine Arts, Photograph)
  • Drama
  • Cars
  • Computer

International Exchange
Encourage Students Contribute to the Global Society

We provide students with active international exchanges to enhance their sense of international. Students have a chance to study at foreign sister schools while they study at Gifu Dai-Ichi High School or after they graduated. We provide students with the school excursion to realize the world keenly and encourage them to become real international persons.

Foreign Sister Schools

  • Ipswich Grammar School (Australia)
  • Mater Dei School (Tailand)
  • St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School (Australia)

International Study (School Excursion/ Visit to Foreign Sister Schools)

  • Australia
  • Thailand